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You can accompany your order with a lovely multimedia message

Navarro Florista personalize cards with QR codes

Thanks to QR technology, Navarro Florist gives customers the ability to customize the messages that accompany shipments of original and modern way.


In a few steps you can create your multimedia dedication.

1) Record a video with either your phone, camera ...

2) Once you have your creation upload it to youtube or vimeo.

3) Search in our store the product you want to give away and add the link to your dedication before adding to your cart (inside the product we add a section for link).

4) After the purchase we'll create the QR code that is printed on the card to be sent with your order to the addressee.

5) When the addressee receives your gift, he will be able to view the multimedia message on mobile. Only must pass the QR code reader for the card and “voilà” You can play your dedication!

Note: When the addressee receives the card with the QR code, the phone will only play the message when you are reading.To keep the message must save the file on your phone as QR codes expire in 30 days.