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We can always find a special occasion to give flowers. From Florista Navarro we help you choose the perfect flowers for each occasion. Free home delivery within the city of Barcelona.

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    The birth of a baby is one of the most beautiful moments. From Florista Navarro we want giving flowers to the mother and her baby to become also something special. We invest all our love and imagination in these centers and bouquets, putting together floral art with traditional baby gifts, such as teddy bears or even diapers. From Florista Navarro, we want floral creations for baby births to be as special and unique as the birth of a child must be. And we also deliver flowers the same day of the online purchase within the area of Catalonia.


    Flowers as a birthday present are one of the most traditional gifts. We offer from flower arrangements to bouquets of roses or orchids, always with the freshest flowers and the quality of Florista Navarro. You can choose online a wide variety of bouquets and plants to be delivered the same day of the purchase within the area of Catalonia, a perfect option for those who need a last minute gift. Free home delivery within the city of Barcelona.


    Buying flowers in Florista Navarro for the Mother's Day implies the confidence of having chosen the coolest and special flowers. For this special Mother’s Day we have selected the best flowers and plants, from classic bouquets of red roses, to baskets of white roses or baskets of wildflowers or even precious orchids. All these flowers and many more, conceived with a single goal, the one of reminding our mothers all the love we feel for them. Choose your plant, basket, center or favorite flower bouquet and send it home for the Mother's Day. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO ALL!


    A rose was born from de blood of a dragon, and from the rose bush that grew there, the Saint Georges knight gave a red rose to his beloved. Every 23rd of April Catalonia grows full of red roses, the "Saint Georges roses". Buy a bouquet of roses for Saint Georges before the 18th of April and save a 5%, a part from being able to participate in our raffle and try to get your bouquet for free. We can deliver it to the person and the place you indicate us right the Saint George’s day. You can choose among bouquets of red roses, typical from this day, buy the rose plant of the legend, or even bouquets of blaugrana roses (from Barça) or bouquets with the colours of the Periquitos (from Español). You are a click away from being the knight of legend.